Gwyneth Paltrow skiing accident civil case goes to a jury


The outcome of a civil suit concerning a 2016 skiing accident involving Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow is now in the hands of a Utah jury.

As reported, Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, filed a lawsuit in January 2019 accusing Paltrow of crashing into him on the slopes at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah, claiming he was left “seriously injured” as a result.

Sanderson’s original complaint claims that Paltrow “skied out of control and hit” Sanderson in the back, causing various severe injuries.

In an amended complaint filed in February 2019, Sanderson changed the value of damages he is seeking in the lawsuit from $3.1 million to $300,000.

Paltrow filed a countersuit in which she claimed it was Sanderson who crashed into her, delivering a “full ‘body blow"” when he “plowed into her back.” The award-winning actress called Sanderson’s lawsuit an “attempt to exploit her celebrity and wealth.”

Paltrow said her injuries were “relatively minor” and that she is only seeking “symbolic damages” of $1 plus costs for lawyers fees from Sanderson for defending herself against “this meritless claim.”

The trial saw both Paltrow and Sanderson, and their respective family members and medical experts, testifying about what they witnessed both before and after the accident.

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