“I’m gonna be 53!” Zoe Saldaña responds to final ‘Avatar’ movie coming out in 2031


With news of Disney’s theatrical release schedule being announced June 13, there was a particular note of interest to movie fans: The fifth and last Avatar adventure will reportedly hit theaters on December 19 … 2031.

The original Avatar movie came out in 2009, for some perspective.

The news — and the passage of time — wasn’t lost on the franchise’s Zoe Saldaña. The 44-year-old Marvel movie veteran had a laugh about it on Instagram.

To a headline about the 2031 date, Zoe said, “Great! I’m gonna be 53 when the last avatar movie comes out!” along with a “shocked” emoji.

The actress also noted, “I was 27 when I shot the very first avatar movie.”

No doubt in an industry that obsesses about youth James Cameron‘s franchise must be a pretty sweet gig: The same computer wizardry that turns the 5-foot-7-inch actress into her 9-foot-8-inch blue alien character, Neytiri, will ensure Zoe and her castmates don’t look radically different than when their Na’vi alter egos were first seen on Pandora in 2009.

Egos and Hollywood’s stigmas about “actresses of a certain age” aside, it makes sense canonically, as the alien race can live as long as 180 human years.

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