It’s not dull: Now you can play ‘Banshees of Inisherin’, the game


While many movies have been adapted into video games, one might not have expected the multiple Oscar-nominated The Banshees of Inisherin to be among them — but someone has done it. 

Banshees: The Game is an 8-bit version of the hit movie, almost like Pac-Man, except you play a cute little version of Brendan Gleeson‘s Colm. The goal is to try to avoid not ghosts, but the “boring local gobsh***,” Colin Farrell‘s Pádraic, trying to “talk your ears off” on your way to the pub.

Sustaining you on your journey aren’t dots, but teensy severed fingers. Get caught and you hear Colm’s oft-repeated line, “I don’t like you no more.” 

While technically it would make more sense for you to play Jenny the donkey, given her propensity for gobbling up said errant digits in Martin McDonagh‘s award-winning film, the 8-bit graphical representation of the characters and the stone walls of Inisherin, as well as the twee Irish music that overlays the game, more than make up for that quibble. 

We’d give creators Cogs & Marvel two thumbs up, but given Colm’s predicament, it might not be appropriate. 

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