Regina Hall shares what’s next for her career and her St. Patrick’s Day plans


Regina Hall kicked off 2023 by going viral after presenting at the Golden Globes, what’s next for her though is little bit more low-key.

“I’ve been really excited about producing,” she told ABC Audio, adding that one of her upcoming projects will come from her production company RH Negative. “I’ve been really excited to have acting projects, which I don’t really talk about early, really, to be honest, just because I am usually mentally preparing, hoping I don’t mess up somebody’s stuff.”

Before the actress jumps into full work mode, though, she plans on enjoying the time off with a drink or two in honor of the holiday on March 17.

“I will be drinking on St. Patrick’s Day so I can do a nice celebration before I go into a bunch of hard work,” she shared. “I’m gonna just probably get with some of my friends… have a good time, you know, with spirits. Enjoying spirits and laughter with friends.”

Her spirit of choice? Jameson Irish Whiskey, who she teamed up with to encourage fans to take SPTO (St. Patrick’s Day Time Off) from work to spend time with family and friends. 

As for how she likes to enjoy her drink, she said, “I like a neat drink… depending on the time of day, I can do it on the rocks.”

“If I feel a little more fun, I like to add like ginger-ale just for a little fizz and lime. I don’t know what you call that, but I like a little Jameson, ginger-ale, and some lime,” she adds. “It kind of just depends on the time of day. But since it’s St Patrick’s Day, I guess you can drink all day and try all three.”

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