Ryan Reynolds gets musical, singing the praises of birthday boy and Wrexham partner Rob McElhenney


Today is Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator Rob McElhenney‘s 46th birthday, and to help him celebrate — and bust his chops — his pal and Wrexham AFC Football Club partner Ryan Reynolds is singing about it.

Flexing his vocal muscles that he pumped for his holiday musical Spirited, Ryan sings McElhenney’s praises, in a charming Irish jig about how to pronounce the latter’s name.

“Pronouncing all those Ns and Es and Hs can perplex ’em, so here’s a little birthday gift from all your mates in Wrexham,” Ryan sings, complete with footage of people screwing up Rob’s name on camera. “While ways to massacre it and mispronounce it there are many/If there was doubt, now there won’t be any — it’s McElhenney,” the song goes.

The uplifting ditty not only features out of context cringey clips from McElhenney’s career, but also happy townsfolk and Wrexham fans and players, dancers, and celebrities including Rob’s Always Sunny co-star and wife Kaitlin Olson, as well as his fellow show co-creators Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton.

The over-the-top production is part of an ongoing prank war between pals Ryan and Rob, ending with a chalkboard, showing Ryan adding a “tick” to his side of the board.

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