‘Saturday Night Live’ to host a 50th anniversary celebration at Radio City Music Hall


Lorne Michaels is planning a Radio City Music Hall extravaganza to celebrate 50 years of Saturday Night Live.

The sketch comedy show, which finished up its 48th season on April 15, will commemorate the five decades spent making households laugh on Saturday nights with a celebration filled with nostalgia at the iconic venue, Deadline reports.

Michaels made the announcement at the Cannes Lions Festival on Wednesday, June 15, during an event covering the long-running series.

“It will be emotional, but everyone will show up because it’s important. The planning for it, which has taken the last six months and it’s not happening for another year and a half – there are a lot of events happening,” Michaels said.

Michaels says the event is being planned for a Friday “homecoming” night, and that it will feature several musical acts and stand-up routines.

“You’ll see bands that have left a mark on the show, and stand-ups that were part of it from the beginning or relatively recent,” Michaels said.

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