Tony Robbins, bongos and more: Matthew McConaughey introduces “immersive learning experience” ‘Roadtrip’


Matthew McConaughey, who in 2020 published his New York Times bestseller Greenlights, top-lined a marathon self-help session called The Art of Livin’ on Monday, in which he introduced an “immersive learning experience” he calls Roadtrip: The Highway to More.

The Oscar-winning actor turned into something of a televangelist, as he began by chronicling his journey after finding fame with A Time to Kill. Seemingly famous overnight, he confessed he sought out some kind of clarity by taking a 13-mile hike to a monastery, where he unloaded all of his sins, fears and anxieties to one of the monks. McConaughey was relieved when the monk’s only response was, “Me too.”

The story was meant to show that everybody has something holding them back, and his lesson on Monday was to “work out what the hell we’re doing there, and how we get where we really wanna go.”

It was also to announce his program, which was advertised as a $3,961 package of courses, available for the low price of $397 for those who attended the virtual seminar. The price included 50 meals donated to Feeding America.

Guests including Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Marie Forleo each spoke at length, with McConaughey checking in with attendees commenting on the chat, with a laugh track sweetening the proceedings.

Oh, and he played bongos — clothed, this time. In fact, during a technical glitch, he vamped by singing a song about his headline-making 1999 naked bongo-playing arrest in Austin, Texas.

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