“A unique ASMR experience”: Camila Cabello lends her voice to a new Calm story


If you experience trouble falling asleep and love both Camila Cabello and ASMR, there’s something you might want to check out.

The singer revealed she partnered with the Calm app for an all new sleep story that uses autonomous sensory meridian response — aka ASMR — to lull people to dreamland.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of ASMR, it actually describes the pleasant tingling feeling that runs down the back of the scalp and down the spine when hearing certain noises — or what trendy TikTokers call a “brain massage.”

This terminology has also become synonymous with sounds like whispering or repetitive, soothing noises like turning pages or tapping.

Camila’s new story is called The Beauty of Winding Down and she said in a statement, “I swear by ASMR — it’s a long-time tool I have used to help myself relax and fall asleep. With a mix of immersive sensory storytelling and vibrations of sounds this Sleep Story brings the unique ASMR experience to Calm inviting users to come into the present moment and drift off to sleep.”

Camila shared a teaser video to Instagram, which features her talking in a low, slow and soft voice. “I want to share a unique ASMR experience with you, one that will get your senses tingling while you feel luxuriously pampered,” she describes before dropping her voice to a whisper to beckon, “Follow the sound of my voice.”

Camila adds the story should be listened to in the dark because “it eases the stress on your eyes and heightens your other senses, like hearing, smell and touch.”

The singer cheekily added in the video caption, “I hope you will enjoy the tingling sensation.”

Fans hungry to hear more can listen now on the Calm app.

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