After “Fantasy” collab, Lauren, Em and GAYLE agree it’d be “fun” to form a girl group


Lauren Spencer Smith tapped her friends Em Beihold and GAYLE to join her on her new single, “Fantasy.” But does that mean we can expect more music from the trio, who collectively refer to themselves as the “Powerpuff Girls”?   Well, they’re willing, but they may not be able.

Asked by Billboard’s Pop Shop podcast if we might get an EP from the trio, GAYLE says, “I mean, if we all stop touring and are in the same spot, I feel like that would be fun.”

Em chimed in, “I’m here for it,” while Lauren added, “I feel like even when we were on set [for the ‘Fantasy’ video], I was like, ‘If they asked me to be in a girl group tomorrow, I would say yes!"”

But before that, the women have to release their debut albums, which none of them have gotten around to doing yet.  In Lauren’s case, she tells the podcast, “I definitely have an album coming out, I’m definitely announcing it very soon.” 

She explains that she keeps pushing it back because she wants to continue working on it, but adds, “I feel like I’ve been getting screamed at [by fans] to put out more music….so I definitely have one coming.”

As for GAYLE, who’s touring with Taylor Swift and Pink this year, she put out three EPs last year but is only putting out singles this year because she’s so busy on the road.  As for Em, she says she’s in the “writing a lot phase,” but she’s not sure when any of the songs are coming out.

All three girls hope that they’ll be able to perform “Fantasy” live at some point — if their schedules align, that is.

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