Andy Grammer releases spoken-word song and video, “I Need a New Money”


Sure, you know that Andy Grammer‘s a great singer, but how is he as a poet? Judge for yourself with his new spoken-word song “I Need a New Money,” which is out now.

The song is based on Andy’s poetry, and it’s about how wealth shouldn’t be the only currency of our life, since it doesn’t reflect our self-worth or happiness.

“I think it’s crazy that we associate our value as humans with money. When I get quiet with myself, I am aware that my being – my soul – has inherent value but I can forget so easily,” Andy says in a statement. 

“In our society, we are constantly being told that our worth is somehow connected to our net worth,” he adds. “I obviously know this isn’t true, but I am amazed at how often my actions indicate that I believe it is. This is one of life’s lessons I have had to relearn over and over again.”

In the song, Andy says, “I need a new money that measures my inherent value … you tellin’ me that we’ve agreed to tie self-worth to what we’re paid?/ what a grave mistake to make.”

The video shows Andy working in a store and each customer who comes in lip-synchs a different part of the song.

Andy tells American Songwriter, “In pop music, there’s often a shortage of words that you can fit in to express yourself, so I wrote this as a poem so that I could use as many words as I wanted … I hope that [it] reminds people of their value and how brilliant they are regardless of monetary worth.”

Andy’s new album is out later this year.

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