Are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes really back together?


After video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello hanging out together at Coachella and kissing surfaced over the weekend, fans are wondering if the couple, who split in November of 2021, are back together.

“MY JAW DROPPED. IS THIS FOR REAL? ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER?” tweeted one fan in response to the video. “SHAWMILA IS BACK THANK YOU GOD,” tweeted another.

While one party pooper warned, “just because they kissed doesn’t mean they are back together,” another one swooned, “they just make sense together if im honest they the perfect match tbh.”

So, has pop music’s favorite couple reunited or what?  A source tells Entertainment Tonight that in fact, the two are NOT back together, but the source makes it sound as though they might be in the future.

“They knew they were both heading to Coachella and had plans to meet up and hang out,” dished the source. “Shawn and Camila had been in touch the last few weeks and have cleared the air about their breakup. There is still a connection between them and both of them shared [that] they still care about one another. It’s very casual at this point.”

The source added, “Shawn and Camila let loose during night one of Coachella and were just having fun. There is still undeniable chemistry between the two and everyone around them can feel it.”

Stay tuned.

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