Camila Cabello appears on The Tonight Show, sings “I Luv It”


Camila Cabello appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday to chat about her upcoming album, C, XOXO.

The singer performed her single “I Luv It,” sat on the couch with host Jimmy Fallon and also played a brand new game with him.

For her performance, Camila wore a silver dress with leather gloves and a black blindfold covering her eyes. Her four backup dancers wore the same blindfolds as they held up dancing robot dogs.

While sitting on the couch with Jimmy, Camila said that C, XOXO feels “personal to me and authentic to me and, like, signed by me. Like writing a letter to someone. This is me, like it or not.”

She also said she had no co-writers on the album, before sharing a song she wrote for the show while she was heading to the studio.

“New suit, same chair, new dress, blond hair/ We’ve seen each other through some phases/ Past lives, debuts, Met Ball, saw you/ Good to have a friend in scary places/ Jimmy-a, Jimmy-a, Jimmy alright/ They came for a show well Jimmy alright/ It’s another late night/ It’s another late night talkin’,” Camila sang.

Camila also played a round of the game Dance Charades with Jimmy, where they took turns wearing headphones and dancing to a song that the other person had to guess. Camila acted out Olivia Rodrigo‘s “vampire,” while Jimmy danced to Shakira‘s “Hips Don’t Lie.”

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