“Could you imagine?”: Lil Nas X jokes about dating Michael Bublé


Lil Nas X wants someone to love, but he isn’t a fan of dating famous people.

That was one of the tidbits he shared with James Corden during The Late Late Show‘s Carpool Karaoke segment Monday night. 

After singing along to “Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X noticed a cute guy walking on the sidewalk, which led to a conversation on dating. The rapper revealed he once tried meeting people on the celebrity dating app Raya.

“It fell off for me and I just, like, started to, like, [meet] people in person,” he said, adding that the app’s clientele wasn’t doing it for him, either. “I’ve come to know that I don’t like dating famous people.”

Naturally, Corden wanted names. “Have any of them done Carpool Karaoke?” he slyly asked.

“For sure,” the rapper responded, but didn’t reveal who — so Corden tried narrowing down a list of potential suspects.

In the end, he could only think of one person: Michael Bublé

“Yeah, yeah. He caught me,” Lil Nas X sarcastically responded before asking, “Could you imagine?” He then asked a little more seriously, “Michael Bublé is gay?”

“No,” Corden responded. “But, you know, he’s hot and he’s got a hell of a voice.”

“Yeah,” Lil Nas X agreed.

That led the duo to break out into a performance of “That’s What I Want.”

Elsewhere in the bit, the singer revealed he’d like to get into acting; Corden scored him the role of a waiter with a few lines on The Bold and the Beautiful. It is unknown if or when his episode of the CBS soap opera will air.

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