Doja Cat’s two style inspirations may surprise you


For someone who’s made headlines for shaving her head, covering herself in red crystals, painting her entire body gold and wearing false eyelashes as a mustache, Doja Cat‘s style inspirations are surprisingly down-to-earth.

Speaking to L’Officiel magazine, Doja says, “I really do love simplicity because I struggle with it so much…You want to know something? Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan are my two…I’m obsessed with their whole look. All of it.”

She explains, “Just Angelina wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with…jeans and a boot and some sunnies. It just feels like she woke up and it was nothing. And she just looks incredible. That was something that I was moved by.”

As for Meg Ryan, Doja says she admires the actress for her look, “back when she was wearing a big giant coat.”

“She would wear these big coats with shoulders and hats, but it didn’t look like she was trying,” Doja raves. “It looked like that was who she was, and it fit perfectly. It was satisfying to see just a pair of jeans and some boots for me. When Harry Met Sally: all of those outfits in that era, I loved that. That was one of my favorites.”

As for her notorious red crystal look, which she wore at the Schiaparelli Spring 2023 Couture show, Doja reveals that during the many hours it took to apply the crystals, she was suffering from gastroenteritis.

She recalls, “My stomach felt like there was a blade in it, and it was just spinning 100 miles per hour. I never felt pain worse than that—and on one of the most important days of my life!”

Asked if the end result was worth it, Doja says, “Yeah, definitely. I’m very, very proud of it.”

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