Ed Sheeran isn’t sure how he’ll release new music after ‘Subtract’


Ed Sheeran releases -, pronounced Subtract, in May — but he isn’t sure what the future holds for his music career.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the hitmaker explained he’ll satisfy his current record contract with Warner Music once he drops Subtract on May 5. After that, Ed’s not sure how he’ll release new music.

“It depends,” he said. “I’m sort of in flux at the moment because this is my last album with Warner. So I don’t know what I’m doing next.”

He continued, “In all honesty, like, yeah, I might put out a record independently. That might be quite fun. Just to try.”

The singer also opened up about how becoming a parent will ultimately change his touring schedule. He is the dad of 2-year-old Lyra and 8-month-old Jupiter

“I don’t want to homeschool my kids,” he said about taking them on tour. Because of that, he plans on pressing on the brakes once his girls are old enough to go to school.

He added, “I love the way that country artists do it. They do the weekend-warrior thing, where they’ll just go out and play weekends. That’s obviously not possible in America because I live so far away from America. But it’s certainly possible in Europe, to just go out and play Frankfurt on a Saturday night, come back.”

Ed also revealed he’s been working on an animated musical for Netflix and “wrote loads of songs” for it. He expects those songs to make it onto an album, eventually.

The singer also said  “Shape of You” might have sounded very different because he originally wanted Jay-Z to rap on it, but the mogul gave him “a very natural, respectful pass.”

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