From processed foods to processing feelings: Ellie Goulding releases new track, takes on “irresponsible” diets


Ellie Goulding just released her new single, “By the End of the Night,” and says she hopes it makes her fans dance.

She explained of the track, “I feel like we’ve all been through such a lot over the last few years, we’re still processing everything … I feel like we need music that uplifts us and makes us feel good.”

She said the track “gives me a sense of euphoric, sensual escape, like being on a dancefloor on another planet.”

Ellie also took to her Instagram Story to offer her opinions on diets and the meal plans that work for her. She was inspired to say something after Gwyneth Paltrow sparked an intense online debate when describing her ultra strict diet.

Ellie argued, “The truth is, an anti-inflammatory diet just works. This just means avoiding the sugary, processed refined s*** that is making us all sick.”

While she suggests avoiding those foods forever is “totally impossible,” noting she’ll never give up chocolate, she added, “As somebody with anxiety disorder I have learnt so much about how the food we eat affects us… especially long term illnesses and conditions.”

Ellie stumped for the “age old lecture” of the benefits of eating vegetables. “I’ve seen influential people explaining what they eat on a ‘calorie deficit’ diet on tik tok [sic] with soooo much kudos and praise… without a single vegetable or green thing involved.”

She said such diets are “the most irresponsible to me” and suggested people be more mindful of what they eat for health purposes. 

Ellie’s new album, Higher Than Heaven, arrives April 7. 

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