Happy 4/20: Watch Bebe Rexha, Snoop Dogg light up and blast off in animated “Satellite” video 


In honor of 4/20, Bebe Rexha has released her collaboration with Snoop Dogg off her upcoming album.

Described as an “infectious stoner anthem,” the song, “Satellite,” is now available on all platforms and there’s a video, as well. In the clip, Snoop appears in Bebe’s room, and when she tells him that she’s always wanted to go to outer space, he tells her, “Screw your wig on tight, put your seat belt on and get ready for the ride of your life — ’cause I’m gonna take you to a whole ‘nother dimension.” 

He then exhales a cloud of smoke and the entire video becomes animated. Cartoon Bebe and Snoop blast off into outer space, and together, they travel to the “mothership,” which looks like a giant marijuana leaf.  Bebe performs a concert for aliens who look like piles of sticky icky, before she’s beamed back home. 

Along with the song and video, Bebe has launched Bebe’s Mothership Hot Box, an interactive space with games and a preview of her album BEBE, which is dropping April 28. You can also “smoke a virtual blunt,” according to a press release. Visit bebeverse.terrazeroactivations.com to access it — as long as you’re 21 or older.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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