How’d Lauren Daigle choose her latest hit? “It was the first song that people would cry to”


Lauren Daigle is back with “Thank God I Do,” the first single from her upcoming self-titled album, which is being released in two parts; the first part is due May 12. But with so many new songs, why did she choose “Thank God I Do” as the one to kick off her new era? Two reasons: because of how it sounded and because of how it makes people feel.

“That song was one of the songs that, when we would share it with people, it was the first song that people would cry to,” Lauren tells ABC Audio. “And you look for those responses. Not like this, y’know, Monopoly, chess piece kind of thing, [but] you just look for what’s human.”

In addition to being a song that made people reach for the Kleenex, Lauren says sonically “Thank God I Do” is reminiscent of her last album, Look Up Child.

“It was the song that was kind of the piggyback … to my previous project,” she explains. “This record that I’m going to put out is a bit different than anything I’ve done before. So I was like, ‘Let’s let the first song be the song that people can still say, “Oh, there’s Lauren.” And then I can bridge to this new place."”

She adds, “Because I have no interest in creating a whole new thing and leaving the people behind that have been with me all along.”

As for just how different the new album is, Lauren says, “There’s somewhat of an evolution, but I’m still the same me. So there’s still lyrical content that is really similar. But then there’s also new lyrical content, where I kinda went into the storytelling side of the songwriting artistry.”

Lauren’s Kaleidoscope tour starts September 6.

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