Is Madonna hinting at Celebration tour set list in latest post?


Since Madonna‘s upcoming Celebration tour will be a, yes, celebration of her entire career, fans are wondering which of her many hits she’ll be performing. Well, she may have given us a hint in a video she posted documenting the first week of rehearsals.

Billboard’s Keith Caulfield, a Madonna superfan, has apparently scoured the video frame by frame and has spotted two things that may indicate a couple of the songs the Queen of Pop is planning to sing.

In the part of the video where Madonna is seen throwing darts at a dartboard, there’s a table to her left. On that table is a lyric sheet for “You Must Love Me,” the Oscar-winning top 20 hit she recorded for the movie Evita.

In addition, Caulfield points out that there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Madonna watching something on a laptop, which he identifies as a video of herself performing her debut single “Everybody” at famed New York City nightclub Danceteria in 1982. Meanwhile, the entire video is soundtracked to another early song, “Burning Up.”

So, are “Everybody,” “Burning Up” and “You Must Love Me” on the set list for the tour? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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