Kesha’s new album, ‘Gag Order,’ coming May 19


Kesha, who’s been embroiled in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke since 2014, has named her new album after the legal term for a rule that prohibits people from talking about a case in public: Gag Order.

The album, Kesha’s first since 2020’s High Road, will arrive May 19. This Friday, April 28, she’ll release not one but two songs from the project: “Fine Line” and “Eat the Acid.”

Kesha calls the record “post-pop.” It includes “experimental, otherworldly production and lyrical vulnerability,” according to a release. In NYLON magazine, she talks about her journey toward making this project, after being wracked with anxiety and panic attacks during the pandemic.

“I wanted to make an album that sounds the way my head feels. Dipping in and out of depression, gratitude, rage, and hope. Always moving,” she writes.

“Without the darkness, there is no light. So I let my darkness have the light. I can’t fight the truth. Life is difficult and painful. It is for everyone,” she continues.

“An artist doesn’t exist to make others happy. I believe an artist gives voice, motion, color to the emotions we all have. The good emotions, and the unmanageably f****** miserable ones.”

Kesha, who worked with Rick Rubin on the album, adds, “I have given voice to the pain. I finally acknowledged it and let it dissolve into being a piece of me instead of my enemy … I’m not fixed and I may never be. Or maybe there is nothing to fix. But I want people to know they aren’t alone in their head.”

“This album has been handcrafted with so much transparency and care,” she concludes. “And I hope it connects with those who need it.”

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