Niall Horan reveals the 22 steps he takes “to keep the baby face for as long as possible”


Niall Horan turns 30 this summer, so he’s “trying to keep the baby face for as long as possible.” To do that, he revealed the 22 steps he takes to keep his skin clean and smooth.

In a video with Vogue, the former One Direction singer said, “Over the years as I’ve grown up, obviously I went through a lot of breakouts through work, through being on planes all the time, wearing makeup a lot and taking it off every day — and, so, it’s important to keep clean, hydrated and go through a routine.”

Niall’s first step is to light a scented candle to “set the tone.” He adds that, since he’s always traveling, he uses candles to make hotels “feel like home in any way possible.”

The singer revealed the products he uses to get his “big hair” — mousse, pomade and hairspray. Niall noted he used to dye his hair blond and that he’ll never go back to that because of the amount of maintenance it required.

The singer then goes on to use — in order — a cold splash of water, cleanser, exfoliator, steamer, eye masks, metal ice rollers, toner, serum, face oil, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen and lip balm. He also reveals he uses the Le Labo Santal 33 cologne, noting people compliment him for how nice he smells.

Niall also opened up about how he didn’t take care of his skin until his mid-20s, which was when he realized he needed a fresh, clean face “for my job.” He then pointedly told his fellow dudes, “We need our skin too, lads!”

He also stated he never wears a robe to do his routine and joked, “But I just thought it’d be weird if I stood here naked” during the video.

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