*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone says he has a “hunger” to learn all he can about entertainment


*NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone says where he is in life right now is the product of hard work — not luck.

Catching up with ABC Audio at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, Fatone noted, “People just think things happen overnight, but people also go, ‘Oh, you got lucky.’ I might have gotten lucky with *NSYNC in the sense of the timing of it… but then it’s how I moved my career through that. Luck didn’t have to do with that.”

After *NSYNC went on an indefinite “hiatus” in 2002, Joey joined several Broadway productions such as Little Shop of Horrors, hosted multiple shows and even competed on a few, like Dancing with the Stars.

“I’ve always loved entertainment… the hunger is the entertainment value of it and learning different things or ways about entertainment,” he said about the fire that drives him to continue seeking out new opportunities. He says he wants to learn everything he can about the entertainment industry.

So, what’s next? Joey hinted he’s been dabbling with working behind the camera, like producing. The singer previously dipped his toes in with the 2020 short Fetal Fury: Escape the Womb. He also hinted of potential documentary work on the horizon.

“It’s just fun. I’m not like, ‘Ooh, I’m a guru. I need to do this because I’m amazing.’ No, I’m testing out to see … maybe there might be a different avenue that I may go to and do something different,” said Joey.

Part of the hustle also includes doing multiple conventions, which is something Joey loves to do. “I’m a people person, so I love talking to people and it’s fun to do these things,” he said.

As for a life lesson, Joey imparted, “You take it for what it’s worth and you make the best of it.”

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