Sara Bareilles and fiancé Joe Tippett share details of their engagement


Sara Bareilles and fiancé Joe Tippett revealed their engagement back in January, and now they are sharing the details of what went down before she said “yes.”

Tippett tells People getting engaged was something they had been talking about “for quite some time,” and they had “been looking for the perfect ring and couldn’t find it.” But he says on a trip to Mexico City “we found this cheap little ring in a market that we both love. And we were like, ‘That’s the thing for now!"” 

He shares, “We were up on a roof at sunset, the sky was on fire and we were listening to music and slow dancing, and it was like, ‘Okay, now!’ I asked and she said yes and I was like, ‘Well f***, I forgot the ring, I have to go down and get it!’ So then I came back up, got down on one knee, we did the deal and it was great.”

“I love it. It’s just — it’s sweet,” Bareilles says of the ring,  a small gold band in the shape of a feather. She says before they picked it, they were putting too much pressure on finding “the ring.”

“Like most things, it’s really easy to get tricked into caring about the wrong things,” she says. “We keep coming back to, ‘Why are we doing this?’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, because I love you."”

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