See Jennifer Lopez fight like a ‘Mother’ in new Netflix action movie trailer


Jennifer Lopez shows off her guns — and brandishes not a few firearms, as well — in the action-packed trailer to her forthcoming Netflix action movie The Mother.

The sneak peek starts with Lopez’s character, a former assassin just called Mother, shortly after she gives birth. Edie Falco‘s FBI agent character informs her she has to give up her daughter and go on the run, lest the bad guys whose operation Mother disrupted find them both.

Eventually, the baddies catch up with the now tween girl (Lucy Paez), forcing J Lo’s character out of hiding to hunt her and her abductors down.

“They’re using her to get to me,” she tells an ally, played by Omari Hardwick.

The girl doesn’t know her mom, but quickly learns she needs to trust her. “I wanna go home,” she implores. “Not until you know how to survive,” Lopez tells her daughter, as she trains her to do just that.

She later says in the trailer, “I’m a killer. But I’m also a mother, and I will die protecting her.”

The movie drops on Netflix on May 12.

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