Shakira and her kids are moving to find “happiness”: “Today we begin a new chapter”


Shakira has spent the past nine years living in Barcelona, Spain, but now she and her two sons are pulling up roots and moving on, following the end of her 12-year relationship with their father, Gerard Piqué.

“I settled in Barcelona to give my children stability, which we are now looking for in another corner of the world next to family, friends and the sea,” Shakira wrote in Spanish on Instagram. “Today we start a new chapter in the pursuit of their happiness.” Shakira’s sons Sasha and Milan are 8 and 10 years old, respectively.

“Thanks to everyone who surfed so many waves with me there in Barcelona, the city where I learned that friendship is undoubtedly longer than love,” she continued. “Thanks to everyone who encouraged me there, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow. Thanks to my Spanish audience, who have always sheltered me with their love and loyalty.”

Shakira and Gerard split 10 months ago. E! News reports that she’s going to relocate to Miami, where her mom’s family lives.

Last month, Shakira set 14 marks recognized by the Guinness World Records thanks to the success of her diss track “BZRP Music Session #53,” which she created with Argentine DJ Bizarrap. In the song, Shakira takes down Piqué and his alleged infidelity with Clara Chía, who he’s currently dating. She sings “Good luck with my so-called replacement … I’m worth two 22-year-olds.”

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