Watch Lewis Capaldi turn the ‘Friends’ theme into an emotional ballad


Lewis Capaldi is known for his emotional ballads and apparently he has the power to apply that singing style to one of the most upbeat songs ever.

For the British radio station Capital FM, Lewis performed a “bedroom cover” — a song by a different artist, performed while on a set designed to look like their childhood bedroom. He chose the theme for one of his favorite TV shows, Friends, “I’ll Be There For You.” 

While the song is super happy sounding, the lyrics aren’t, so Lewis really leans into that as he sings a slowed-down version of the song on acoustic guitar.

And speaking of emotional ballads, Lewis has released another one from his upcoming album. This one is called “Wish You the Best,” and Lewis says it “came from the idea of a person you used to be with, telling you all this amazing stuff about their life, without you in it.”

He adds, “It’s a song about what we don’t say to those people. I was fascinated by the things left unsaid, whether that be in a relationship or a friendship.” He co-wrote the song with JP Saxe of “If the World Was Ending” fame.

On Twitter, JP writes,I love this song so much. I’d been wanting to write with @LewisCapaldi since the first moment I heard him. We wrote this the day we met. I’m so happy it’s in the world now.

“Wish You the Best” is from Lewis’ new album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, which arrives May 19.

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