Active weather pattern to bring range of hazards across the country


(NEW YORK) — Several parts of the country will experience extreme weather this week, days after lines of tornadoes killed at least 26 people in several states.

Severe activity on Sunday will include critical fire danger, wind damage and hail in Texas and spring snowfall along higher elevations in the Northeast, forecasts show.

Extreme weather will also be present in the west, with heavy snow expected in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and winter storm warnings in effect for the Cascade mountain range in Oregon and Washington. Locations above 1,500 feet of elevation could see 1 foot to 2 feet of snow throughout into Sunday night.

Gusty winds could become damaging across the southwest Sunday and Monday, with 11 states from Texas to Montana under wind alerts. The dry breeze could feed into the critical fire danger predicted for southern Colorado, eastern New Mexico and western Texas on Sunday and Monday.

A developing storm in the middle of the country on Tuesday could present a severe weather threat for several regions that just experienced deadly tornado activity.

The severe weather threat could affect cities like Chicago, Des Moines, Iowa, Kansas City, Missouri, St. Louis, and Little Rock, Arkansas, which is still cleaning up from a deadly EF-3 tornado on Friday.

The predictions for inclement weather come days after deadly tornado activity in several states.

At least 26 people are dead across seven states — and dozens more hospitalized — after the tornado outbreak moved across the U.S. on Friday and Saturday.

The fatalities occurred in Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Delaware and Illinois following several catastrophic tornadoes that uprooted homes and collapsed roofs.

On Saturday, 250 storms were reported across the eastern U.S., including 230 wind reports, 18 hail reports, and two reports of tornados — both in Sussex County, Delaware.

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